This is a picture, curtesy of Serafina. This happened on Lake Superior and what happened was a thief was spotted stealing, guards were called, the *poof* a whole bunch of them appeared in the bank itself hehe. Bad luck for the thief. The lady in black is the Lady Serafina.

Here we are having a nice meeting with Guild Minister Lori of Yew Council. Its a pity that most people are unaware of the meeting. In the end, only Lori and i had the informal meeting in the town hall. A tamer came later curious at what and who we are. He even give me an Llama! Hehe, but the kind hearted Lori released the Llama at the end of the meeting.

This is from Argronan of Sunset Knights. Here you can see the blue robed, brown cloaked man fighting among others against orcs and such. Argronan told me that there was a Huge orc spawn at the Orc Fort near Cove that day, and here is a scene. I was not there, but i believe it was a glorious battle. *smiles*

This is from Hellz. There is this huge war going on between Pks and Anti Pks. Hmmm you know, this pic looks familiar to me, i believe i was there too when Hellz took this pic. If im correct the battle took place near the entrance to the Dungeon Covetous, and they fight after the shutdown message appeared so that whatever they lost will be negated.

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