Poor Pico, his house was looted by this people. He was killed and then looted. If you notice, there is a gate in the house! Normally this is not possible, unless a bug is expoited. A GM was called but he deny such thing as possible. Well look at the proof here. All of Pico's hard work is gone. Pico is a master smith.

Here you see another of the accomplice of the house exploiters. The corpse of Pico is outside his house. And these killers did not use any keys to get in, rather its the gate spell.

This is when my friends from SK and i went for a walk in the Maze or i call it the garden. Its really beautiful with many different plants and i personally find it enchanting. Rumors says that Monsters roam this place... but i didnt see any. Here we are taking a break from the long winding walk.

This happened many months ago. Look at all those naked Npcs! Hehe those Npcs lost their clothes when they step thru the Gate. It doesnt happen so often now but when it does, you get a naked Npc hehe. The guy in blue robe on the right side of screen is me, my main character, Orlion Xeep, now a Master Mage.

Step into the Portal....

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