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Hail this is my new Cook, Aleah, please visit my little vendor shop and purchase some mouth-watering, delicious, yum yum good fish steaks (totally flame grilled!) The house is very near the road between Britain and the swamp near the shrine of Compassion. Thanks!!

News and Updates

Ok, after much waiting, i have added 2 more pictures taken by a good friend of mine, Militade. He is a guildmaster of the Paladin of Tyr on the Lake Superior shard and an ex-knight from the Sunset Knights (honorably discharged when forming the new guild). Have a look at his visit to.. the Fire Temple :)

Xeep Dragon, 30 Jan 1999

Hail!!! I have been approved of the change for my Dragon name *smiles* From now onwards, i am known as Xeep Dragon. This name is requested because of my main charater in Ultima Online: Orlion Xeep, of the Sunset Knights. Orlion Xeep is in the Atlantic Shard. If you meet me, please do stop for a chat *smiles*

Xeep Dragon, 12 Jan 1999

Currently, many people are dusting off a long forgotten skill: Cartography It seems that Ultima Online will be seeing treasure maps in monsters very soon. For me, i am going to further train my magery.. i hope to reach Grandmaster level by the end of the month... This is for those playing mages: Are you truely in love with magery? If you are, you should be very proud of the Mage Tower in your shard. So far i have visited Atlantic Mage Tower and i am very impressed. Perhaps i will include a picture of it in my files in the near future.

BlackWind Dragon 11 Jan 1999

Hail all!! Im back :) Ok, to be honest, i lost interest in UO for a while... it happens sometimes, even to hard players like me *winks* Anyway, I am returning as a Lumberjack/Merchant. I will put up pictures as i go along, but it will be slow. However only quality pictures and nothing less :)

BlackWind Dragon, 18 December 1998

My apologies, due to my examinations, i am not able to update this site often. I have a few very interesting pictures send by Caramon Majere of SK, but im too busy to put it please be patient and wait for a couple of days. I will also be changing the links to the picture section by placing more sub sections instead of linking too much in a single section. I understand if you are frustrated if you need to click so many times to get to the latest a second link "Picture Section 2" will soon be up. Thanks for your patience.

BlackWind Dragon, 3 November 1998

Ahhh! I have recieved Gryffon's second story.. you will be very pleased with this one believe me *winks* The story has a sequel, so after reading, just hang on a bit and im sure Gryffon's sequel will be posted here as soon as possible. Enjoy! Just follow the "Stories" Link.

BlackWind Dragon, 22 October 1998

Gateway to other worlds.....

Sunset Knights Homepage
A lawful good guild in the world of Britannia!
Azreal Darkmoon's Library
Ultima Online Homepage
Ultima Online Vault
Daily updated news and events in UO

Memory Gate....Step in and see what i have....

Picture Section
Some pictures for you to see..enjoy *winks*
Stories Section
Here will be stories written by UO players, enjoy!
More Pictures!
I will include a link from here onwards, so just follow the links and feast yourself to the pictures...
Sage Drachen's Explorations
This is the adventures of my latest incarnation..come have a look :)
New pictures site 1
New pictures site 2

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