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    A dark elf from the Rodcet Nife server. Once an esteemed member of the Teir'dal Nation, now a renegade/spurned. I do not serve Innoruuk as i find him a cruel and sadistic god, thus i forsake our nationally expected worship and wanders the land. I am an enchanter of some capabilities, and with my spells have been to places most dark elves have never been before. As i wanders the land of Norrath, i shall continue to seek the truth that was denied and corrupted during the days of my youth. Perhaps, one day, i shall be accepted among the other races.

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I have a husband, a Shadow Knight by the name of Alcrazar. It is sad that we do not often meet, as he has missions from the imperial court of Neriak. I have a daughter, Lirial, whom i dearly loves too. She has grown, and will be a great lady. Sadly as i have been spurned by my own society, i cannot always meet with them. I shall gives them my heartfelt love from afar.

My other noteworthy friends are Crysta, Eirilinia, Drussila, Ashtar, Jkost, and many others whom i have meet and befriend. Now i depends on these friends for comfort and protection in the wilds of Norrath.


Crysta, a dark elf lady wizard. Powerful in her magics, i hope one day she will reach the ability to cast group teleporting spells.

Eirilinia, a dark elf lady necromancer. Truely the mistress of the dead, and great is her powers. Another of my best of pals.

Jkost, a dark elf male necromancer. A lord of the dead, and also one whom i can trust and depends. A good friend of my husband.

Ashtar, a dark elf male enchanter. My fellow comrade and we respect each other alot. Someone i could trust and depends on too.

Drussila, a dark elf lady magician. Her pet is one of the most powerful around, few dare to mess with her.


I wanders the land in search of truth, and inner peace. Thus i hunt with good friends and hopes to rid evil in all its form from the land of Norrath. Having seen the extend of Innoruuk's depraved minds, i seek to preserve all that is good.. whenever i can.