After the tower visit, a short walk between the tower and the 2 buildings there is this house. However due to the uneveness of the ground, i managed to walk underneath it...hmm you know if i am a mage, and i cast a Summon Daemon might appear in the house above... *evil grin*

This is the scene of the big house, which is above the cellar i have mentioned earlier. There is nothing to take here.... except the book self. I have found a few good books and they are removable!! The building looks good, and the second floor is a small meeting room with table and chairs..very nice. Relvinian sure knows where to live hehe. The only sad thing is that some players have placed houses in this maze. I foind them a sore to my eyes...maybe Relvinian should get some Daemons in their house hehehehe.

Step thru my friends..

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